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About Bismillah Trading

Our firm was launched in Dhaka, Bangladesh in April 2016. We do the business as the Bismillah trading and focused our expertise as supply based business in different sector in Bangladesh. Especially we do business in health sector, NGOs, government, semi government & non-government organization

We are happy to accept the challenge of every new opportunity. We will strive consistently to consider and fulfill these principles in the smallest detail and respond effectively and courteously to our customers’ requirements.

The evaluation of our firm values and way of doing business will stand up to the scrutiny of our trading partners and any others interested in our areas of trading. As the head of the firm I would like to declare our aim of achieving an outstanding reputation, based not only on our ambition and development, but also professionalism that exceeds the scale of our presence in the homeland & abroad.

Md.Omar Faruqe
Bismillah Trading


Proprietor, Bismillah Trading


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Md. Omar Faruqe

Bismillah Trading

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